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10 Top Places to Eat in Puerto Princesa: Kalui

A lot of bloggers recommend Kalui Restaurant as one of the must-try restaurants in Puerto Princesa. 
This is not like any other restaurants where you just sit and order your meal, but it gives tourists a one-of-a-kind service and a homey ambiance of the Philippines traditional house, 'bahay kubo.'
The interior of KaLui Restaurant is so vibrant 
where the ornaments used will surely enhance your appetite 

For people who love paintings, this area seems like an art gallery.

The stage was created to entertain the guests

 It's so easy to feel at home when you dine and sit on these comfortable cushion. 
It makes the people closer and feel like the time is endless for so many stories to share.

The restaurant is mostly made of wood with furnishings originally made in the Philippines. 
The leaves from Pahiyas Festival in Quezon are among the highlights in KaLui. 
This only shows that our culture is rich and colorful.

A water container made of clay which was being used on the old time when water system was not yet developed in the country

I like this restaurant because it promotes one of the country's customs where visitors are barefooted when entering the house. 
The restaurant makes it sure that its staff are well-dressed and presentable.

The patrons have just started to pour and in no doubt, 
they wouldn't regret that they chose KaLui.
In Kalui, all customers must leave their shoes at the entrance and are given a certain locker to keep their footwear.
They have an array of menu from fresh fish to nutritious vegetables. The price is reasonable and the meal ranges around 150-200 pesos per serving.

Here's what we ordered that dinner from Day's Catch. Each meal costs P185.
Blue Marlin with some breaded eggplant mixed with a sauce, seaweeds, and 
achara (fermented papaya and carrots) 
including the red or organic rice with shredded coconut meat 

Prawn with some breaded eggplant mixed with a sauce, seaweeds, 
and achara (fermented papaya and carrots)
including the red or organic rice with shredded coconut meat 

You'll get even more delighted because after having your heavy meal, you will be given mixed tropical fruits such as watermelon, melon, and banana served on a coconut husk for free. 
this dessert is good for 2 persons

Mode of payment: accepts cash & credit card transaction
Note: With additional 10% service charge.

Contact Information
Address: 369 Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa Palawan
Telephone 3: (048) 433-2580
Cellphone #: Smart (+63928-753-9621)

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