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If you are a Filipino who’s planning to visit Japan for travel or tour, there are things you have to consider. And if the arrangement or filing the documents in Japan Embassy will be made by you, here are the essential requirements you have to prepare:
1. Philippine Passport
Your passport must be signed and must have at least 2 blank visa pages. Broken passport is not accepted.
To apply, you may click DFA Passport

2. Visa Application Form
This applicant form has to be filled in correctly. Write N/A if the item is not applicable because the embassy may not accept the application with blank item. In addition, your application may be denied if you don’t have the signature and date or the application form is filled out incorrectly or with wrong information.
You can avail this form at the entrance of the embassy, in any of the accredited travel agencies, or in the embassy website.
To download the pdf file, you may click the link below.
Photos courtesy of Japan Embassy

3. Photo
Your photo must appear alone and face forward. It should have a standard size of 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm with white background without any border, designs, objects, and shading. The applicant wearing headbands, caps, eyeglasses, etc. are not accepted. Your facial expressions in photos must have general expressions not exaggerated and don’t let your hair obscure your facial features. Then the photo must be taken within 6 months. Remember to write your name and birthdate at the back of your photo, and paste it on the application form.

4. Birth Certificate
Your birth certificate must be issued within a year from Philippine Statistics (PSA) Office or Serbilis Outlet Center available nationwide.
To apply, you may click PSA Birth Certificate
* If unreadable or with incomplete information
Submit the birth certificate issued by PSA together with a birth certificate issued by the Local Registrar.
* If late registration
Submit a baptismal certificate, a school record (Form 137) from elementary school or high school, and a school yearbook (if possible)

5. Marriage Certificate
If the applicant is married, he or she has to provide this document. It must be issued within one year from PSA or Serbilis Outlet Center.
* If there is no record
Submit a “Certificate of Non-Record” form from PSA together with the Marriage Certificate from the Local Civil Registrar.

6. Daily Schedule in Japan
Daily schedule is similar to your travel plan or itinerary in Japan, also known Taizai Yoteihyo in Japanese. This form is also downloadable in Japan Embassy website.
To download the pdf file, you may click the link below.
Photo courtesy of Japan Embassy

The following document should be provided if the applicant will shoulder a part or all of his/her travel expenses
7. Bank Certificate
Just remember that your bank certificate’s validity should be 3 months from the date of issue.

8. Applicant’s Income Tax Return
Provide the latest photocopy of your ITR specifically Form 2316.

The following document should be provided if the applicant’s travel expenses (a part or all) will be shouldered by a Guarantor who lives in the Philippines
9. Guarantee Letter

10. Proof of Relationship
The proof of relationship between the applicant and the guarantor should be provided such as Birth Certificates, etc.

11. Guarantor’s Bank Certificate
Please provide the guarantor’s original copy of bank certificate.

12. Guarantor’s Income Tax Return
Please provide a clear photocopy of the guarantor’s ITR specifically Form 2316

* The size of document for the application must be A4 only. If documents are in other size, adjust them in A4 size from its original size without stapling or pasting the pages.
* Please write or write in block letter on the application form.
* Paste your photo but not staple it.
* You are exempted from providing documents such as #4 and #5 indicated above if you can submit an old and valid passport with used Japan visa.
* It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet the requirements to grant your visa. You are encouraged to submit any documents not mentioned above to to support your application. For instance,
- Applicant’s economic or social ties with the Philippines
- Urgent reasons for visit: medical certificate, wedding invitation

Visa Fee
- Temporary visitor visa for Filipinos is free of charge. For the list of nationalities who are required to pay for their visa, you may click the link below.

Office Hours
M – F (except holidays)
08:30 am – 12:30 pm
01:30 pm - 05:15 pm

2627 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City 1300

Trunk Line
(02) 551-5710
Visa / Consular Matters
Filipino:            (02) 834-7514
Japanese:       (02) 834-7508

Note: All of these details can be found in their website. You may click the link below for further information.